Athena Storm

Athena sketches with her eyes using her Tobii C Eye AAC device, and with her hands on a kindle. Her work shows many planes that we do not see with the average human eye, and is often a collage of images drawn atop one another, for she never erases. With video replay you can see the transformation of her images. She also draws simplistic and precise silhouettes with only the necessary information for the eye to translate what it sees.

Athena loves rhythm and choreography in all its forms. Her art always shows movement and intention. Sharp lines layered with soft strokes and billowing fabric are a Signature of her sketches. She also has a series of circular drawings she calls 'through our eyes'. Athena creates her art in various directions often drawing portraits in landscape mode, and turning the image once she has finished. Sometimes her art is influenced by favorite entertainers, or movies, and other times by the weather or dreams. She has a great love of Earth science and often draws landscapes depicting rarely realized images of nature. Art has shown to be the best form of expression for Athena. What Athena can, or will do, is an ever evolving question waiting to be answered.

                                                                           (Click on thumbnail for larger view)