Alexandra King

I used to make my artwork through just pencil, pen and paper, my mom would set up a small mini notebook on a stack of books so I could reach the paper and hand me a small pen or pencil.  I now mostly make my artwork using my Eyegaze system and my Mac touchpad.  I mostly use these two things because, my strength to be able to do things with my hand has decreased due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  I was able to do more when I had extra strength in my arms and hands.  Having my Eyegaze and my Mac laptop make it easier to do these activities without any help from someone else.  Making artwork gives me a way to express myself, being able to do so whenever I want makes me happier than ever. When I’m creating art I think of the things I enjoy and things that are around me.  As I’m drawing I always tend to make animal patterns, I never draw in just plain black and white.  I mostly draw in bright colors and blend them with others to make the piece stand out as much as possible.

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