When we as people have the opportunity to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions, we are better able to process and articulate our understanding of the world.  In doing so we come to know our inner self, as well as our relationship to and position within our social environment. There are a variety of ways to express one’s own consciousness. However, there are many people who are unable to speak or move their limbs in order to communicate. It is my goal to share the many possibilities for creating art using digital technology with people with limited motor control through injury or disease.  By tapping into our creative spirit we are able to explore our imagination and individuality that are so vital to our humanity. - Danielle Chi


Danielle Chi, artist facilitator of Eye AM...


Eye AM… is the culmination of my graduate studies at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and serves as my M.F.A. in Community Arts Thesis project.  Since 2008 I have been living in Baltimore City and working and teaching at galleries, museums, schools and non-profit organizations including Maryland Art Place, American Visionary Art Museum, Art With a Heart, Creative Alliance, and most recently Guilford Elementary Middle School and Youth Dreamers, Inc.  Related previous experience includes serving as an Independent Living Counselor at two homes for individuals with varying degrees of physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding program in Reno, NV.

Through the Eye AM... project, youth are experimenting with a new outlet for creativity and communication that they feel excited about and have ownership of.  I am inspired, humbled, and find so much joy to be able to work with and know these individuals and their families and caregivers.  We are having fun and learning together!  The culmination of the project will be an art exhibition to celebrate the youth and their creative voices through this digital medium.